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The Road Travelled

Experiences of Spirituality from a range of perspectives and experiences

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This is a group that writes about spirituality from a variety of angles, with mutual respect, and a decision to engage. All spiritualities are welcomed, and people are invited as readers or critics to join.

Here are the guidelines for roadtravelled. Originally found here, they are listed below in order to keep everything grouped together nicely.

This will be the web archive of a spirituality community on Livejournal. The writers come from a range of traditions, and from across the world.

The guidelines are simple -
1. All people are invited to submit writing on spiritual topics of their choosing, and/or to offer critique. It could be a meditation practice, spiritual journeying, more scholarly articles about God/Goddess which are written for a lay audience.

2. All members are expected to treat one another with kindness. Kindness extends to saying "I believe this could be dangerous because..." for certain practices. See 3 for the obvious caveat.

3. Saying "you're wrong because my religion says so" is not permitted. Saying "my experience of this is different from yours" would be fine and encouraged.

4. Providing additional links about the topic is encouraged. So providing links to opposing/typical views of a practice you put forward are helpful, if you're somewhat radical.

5. All rules would be agreed by concensus within in the group, but there would be a regular selection of an arbiter whose word would be final.

6. All members would be expected to participate - those who do not write would be expected to offer longer critiques while those who do write are expected to comment on the work of others, but not necessarily to write longer pieces.

7. All members are encouraged to read articles in their own terms of reference, where appropriate. So if someone is writing about meditation practice with the Qu'ran, then it could be as easily used for other sacred texts. Those who talk of a pantheon of Gods can be understood by those who worship a single God of many dimensions.

8. If an article contradicts something in your faith, please find out why and say so. "My Scripture says so" is only a partial defence. Many practices are held in common by different faiths, but given different names. This sort of understanding is important.

9. Surveys are permitted and encouraged.